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(overview of the doctorate thesis)
Dr. eng. Julien BRATU

In the last half of the XX century, due to the society's industrial and informational development, Quality Management became one of the basic elements of competitive companies.
Because of the several interpretation of the term "quality", inside production units and also in the whole society, a genuine organizational quality culture has developed. Further more, beyond practical development of management by quality, on international level, a global philosophy of quality appeared.

In this study, connections and analogies are established between sciences of nature, physics, biology and also human sciences like psychology, sociology, in order to explain and fundament the tools of Quality Management, concepts and best practices.
In this kind of holistic approach we can include the present paperwork about "Restructuring companies by quality".

The thesis has three main concepts:

Concept I - The three steps of quality in the Romanian industrial environment

Quality for the client The ISO 9000 Management System
Total quality for stakeholders TQM model
Continuously improved quality to obtain world-class performances KAIZEN® Management Model

The restructuring of a company is an organizational therapy similar to the human therapy:

Strategic program
(prescribing the therapy)
(strengthening cure)

The key of success consists of rigorously preparing and applying the PDCA of the strategic program at each stage. In this paper work I presented specific types of PDCA for each management model of the triad, as best practice examples, refined by several experiences in successful production and service companies.
This approach represents the practical contribution of the author.

Concept II A successful management follows the laws of nature

It can be observed, that at physical, biological and socio-human level coexist:
  • 3 fundamental principles: the principles of cause, entropy and minimal action
  • 2 evolutional models (fractals): the model of the organism and the model of natural selection
These evolutional models were perfected by nature along millions of years. We can expect that by understanding and transposing them in the economic context, in a management model of the company, they will assure success.
This approach represents the author's personal contribution.

Concept III The Harmonic Management assures the continuous improvement of a company by maintaining harmony between its internal and external environment

Harmonic Management is based on two principles applicable at organizational level resulted by analogy with the natural principles and models described above.

"harmonic principle" The model of the living organism

Continuous progress of the organization by maintaining the harmony between its internal and external environment

"evolutional principle" The model of natural selection

At any level, beings, humans and organizations evolve applying PAI Prepare Act Improve

The Harmonic Management Model synthesizes the strengths of TQM and KAIZEN is proposed to be a prototype model of successful management in respect with the laws of nature. This approach represents the original contribution of the author.

In present, when the influence of mankind over the planet became significant and also sensitive (ecological macro effects, for example global heating, low protection against radiations, already create trouble and worries), Quality Triad together with Harmonic Management based on natural principles can be the alternative for the XXI century companies.

Bucharest, 2006-07-14
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