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What do Western managers have that Romanians don't?

They have KAIZEN®, a new business philosophy about step by step improvements optimizing and refining processes the best, easiest and fastest way to maximize productivity, quality and turnover.

If you try restructuring your company from its basements, this might be destructive, expensive and frequently useless. Appling Kaizen® in Gemba, the place where the real value of your company is created, you can realize important improvements, at low costs, in the essential processes of your business production and services and you can obtain, as never before, major leaps in satisfying your clients, in quality, productivity and profitability.

More than any other authority in the business world, Masaaki Imai is the champion of Kaizen® concept in the world, by thinking, words and doing. Considered one of the leaders of quality movement, professor Imai is an international lecturer, consultant and the founding president of Kaizen® Institute, whith subsidiaries in the whole world.

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