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IKAR's OBJECTIVE is delivering to Romanian companies the most performant management methods existing nowadays in the world, in order to raise their competitiveness on the EU market.

In this sense, IKAR offers consultancy in applying the following KAIZEN® management systems:
  • TPM – Total Productive Meintenance
  • TFM – Total Flow Management
  • TSM – Total Service Management
  • KAIZEN College
- TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) - with the main target to maximize equipment capacity on their entire lifetime. TPM uses basic elements like elaborating a technology maintenance system, training for better up-keeping, abilities to solve problems in Gemba. This way we obtain important production cost reducing and a rapid amortization of the investments, fewer defects of quality and reduced number of accidents. It addresses companies/ areas that use equipments for production processes.

- TFM (Total Flow Management) - a system designed to obtain the best quality, lowest costs and just in time delivery, by eliminating any kind of MUDA from the internal processes of the company. This method represents an extension of JIT (Just in Time) initially elaborated by Toyota Motor Company in Japan. It addresses companies with flow production processes, assembly lines, logistical activities, distribution etc.

- TSM (Total Service Management) - its KAIZEN® management adapted to services. The program is conceived on six competency levels concentrated on obtaining performances of employees, processes and the entire organization. It addresses companies in banking fields, assurances, commercial companies, IT/Tc, transport, and also support services like supply, marketing – sales, logistics from productive companies.

- KAIZEN®College - a program of courses and applicative seminars intended for organizations with the main target of rising the capacity and motivation of personnel to get involved in improvement processes. The certification of achieved competencies is made on three levels:
  • KAIZEN® Practitioner (member of the company's improvement teams)
  • KAIZEN® Instructor (leader of improvement teams)
  • KAIZEN® Manager (improvement project manager from the company)
Although a short time passed since its establishment in Romania, several important Romanian organizations became our clients.

We invite you also to join us!

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