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  • Promoter of the quality culture in Romania
  • Team of professionals in quality management, psychology and communication
Our motto is:
  • Excellence in quality through devotion, creativity and determination
The uniqueness of BRACO FORUM also resides in:
  • The experience of implementing Japanese management in Romania, through techniques and methods meant to effectively increase the competitiveness of companies.
  • Realizing the implementation of performant management, simultaneously from two different sights: technical and psychological, mental and behavioral, in order to obtain an adequate cultural change within the organization.
The BRACO FORUM consultants have PIONEER achievements in Romania:
  • Introducing, for the first time in Romania, the ISO 9000 (1990), ISO 14000 (1997), T.Q.M. (2000) and KAIZEN (2004) management methods.
  • Approaching, for the first time in Romania, the management by quality in various economic domains: tourism, finance, public services, also.
  • Launching, for the first time in Romania, multimedia courses, a synthesis of message, sound and color, in order to change personnel mentality.
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