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or "How can a firm obtain European culture" by Quality Management and KAIZEN®?

Interview with Mr. Julien BRATU - General Director SC BRACO FORUM SRL

Rep.: Why do you consider that, in order to be successful, the quality of a companies products and services are important?

J.B.: It is known that in any game where there are several competitors, the best wins, if the rules are applied correctly. In a strong competitive market, like the EU market, being a winner today means to know to offer the best products/services at a quality above customers expectation, right when and where they need it, at lower costs than your competitors.
For example, a company from Romania will succeed in business on the EU market, only if it will offer a better quality-price ratio than its competitors. If the company ignores to improve quality it will shortly disappear from the market.
To obtain a superior quality-price ratio the company's management has to take care to have adequately trained personnel by technical, organizational and managerial point of view, and a quality oriented culture. This will permit to capitalize the advantage of using a cheaper manpower.

Rep.: What kind of management systems can we apply in Romania?

J.B.: We can apply ISO management system for quality, environment and safety, Total Quality Management and KAIZEN® Management of continuous improvement of a company's performances.
I am glad that I personally contributed to develop these management systems in the Romanian business environment I have founded the ISO Committee in 1990 and by BRACO FORUM, I sustained the application of TQM, the European Model through Juran Foundation (2000) and I am co-founder of KAIZEN® Institute Romania, from 2004.

Rep.: You lead BRACO FORUM, a consultancy company? What services do you offer to Romanian companies?

J.B.: We are a team of professionals in quality management and communication.
Our mission is "to bring" to Romanians the best management in the world, helping them to have a better life. Actually we offer training courses in quality management, leadership, improving interpersonal communication and communication with clients. We also have programs of support in obtaining ISO 9000 certification, applying TQM and bringing Romanian companies to world class performances, through KAIZEN® Management.
We collaborate with the most important certification organisms in the world, with highly qualified experts from EU, India, Japan in various industrial domains, banking, public services, and tourism.

Rep.: What "special" services do you offer to external investors?

J.B.: I think that of major interest for investors, that we can satisfy, is to bring, in the shortest time and at reasonable costs, the Romanian executive and management personnel to the level of occidental quality standards.
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